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Hot Rod Bomber Seats


bomber seat hot rod distressed imitation leather ebssv bab


bomber bench seat black with red welt by eddie barrett seat co

Show above : Street rod bomber bench seat black

standard vinyl with red welt and red hot rod

stitch. 3 week build time

39 wide X 21.75 tall X 23.5 Deep including 12% rake

fits Hot Rods model A , Model T , 32

hot rod bomber seat black diamond stitch with grey welt by eddie barrett seat co

Shown above: Street rod bucket seats

black diamond stitch with grey welt and Hot rod

stitch pattern.

18.5" Wide X 21.75" tall X 23.5 Deep includung 12% rake

Fits hot rods , customs , vintage sports cars


bomber seat tan bomber jacket imi leather eddie barrett seats specialty vehicles


Shown above: distressed bomber jacket vintage tan straight pleat.

18.5" Wide X 21.75" tall X 23.5 Deep includung 12% rake

Fits hot rods , customs , vintage sports cars

BAB Hot Rod Bomber seats are among the best looking most comfortable low back bucket seat available. These seats are 18 1/2 " wide X 21 3/4" tall X 23" deep including rake of seat. BAB seats are great for Vintage hot Rods and Sports cars . They come standard in Vintage distressed Imitation leather Black or tan however are available in a standard colors as well. BAB's were originally designed for Shelby Cobra replicas and Model A hot rods by EBSSV..


If you are looking for a thinner Bomber style seat EBSSV also build the SB 17 1/2" wide and the DS 16 1/2 " wide. Similar look






EBSSV has been building Hot Rod Bomber Seats Buckets and bench for over a decade. Starting off as one of our production seats for Cobra replicas and kit cars.

While building a vintage hot rod we realized a need for a specific design fitment. After testing and trials modifing seat to the point of perfection. The BAB bomber was born.The most comfartable bomber seat.

BAB seats are the perfect fit offering the optimum comfort for street rods replicas and customs.These specific seats have been in many automotive publications movies and television shows as well as car forums and blogs. Said by many to be the " Most Comfortable " Bomber seat made.

Custom orders are welcome however must be pre paid. Expect a 4-6 week wait and all orders are non refundable. For EBSSV factory colors and designs seats usually ship within 24 -72 hours. refunds are excepted on in stock items.



All BAB Bomber bucket seats are

Dimensions are

22.5" Tall

23.5 Deep

18.5" Wide

with 2 inch foam .

Cushion flips forward for easy mounting..

Pricing :
































































Bad Ass Bomber Seats ( BAB ) are a product of EBSSV Eddie Barrett Seats & Specialty Vehicles
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